Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New and Used High Tech Equipment Liquidation

If you want to sell your used high tech equipment, you can do so at the following sites:

Industry Light Source |

If you're looking for ultraviolet light source for your industry, then there's no better site than UV Light!

There's no better supplier for lab, science, and industry light source equipment.

Fusion Splicers at

SurplusEQ sells fusion splicers at cost effective prices. The equipment is of good quality, whether you are looking to save by buying used equipment, or whether you prefer brand new equipment. This company is a major dealer, based in Arizona. Definitely one of the sites you must check out if you're looking for fiber optic equipment. They have several other test and measurement equipment as well, as well as tools for engineering and computer related fields.

Fusion Splicers and Fiber Optic Equipment

Here are several sites that buy and sell fiber optic equipment and fusion splicers. I would highly recommend these sites. These sites buy & sell quality computer & IT networking, electronic test equipment, fiber optic, optical test, measurement, laboratory, semiconductor manufacturing, scientific instrumentation, motion control & automation, optomechanic, optoelectronic, process control, chemical, assembly, PCB, biotech, ATE, nanotech, MEMS. Surplus New & Used High-Tech Equipment Liquidators. Surplus High-Tech Equipment Liquidators | Buy & Sell Fiber Optic Tools & Supplies | Optical Test Equipment UV Spot Curing Light Sources Surplus New & Used High-Tech Equipment Liquidators

So I'll tell you more details about these sites later.